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" I've found Mactus Group to be the most employee centric consulting agency I've interacted with to date. They really do care. Fantastic benefits, perks and when requested, consultation with Ben." ... Haley, former employee
Carol Spires

At Mactus Group we believe in investing in our people because they are the heart of our company and value equation. We offer great benefits, so our employees can focus on delivering outstanding business value to the customer.

Time off and Vacation

When the work is done and the customer is happy, it's time to recharge.

Sick Time
Flexible Scheduling

Health Benefits

Mactus Group offers top quality health benefits with low deductibles, copays, and out of pocket maximums.



Mactus Group offers strong compensation. After every customer engagement we will evaluate if you are ready to move up to greater responsibility and compensation.

Pay Schedule & Direct Deposit

Productivity & Development

Mactus Group takes a unique and focused interest in your career development. You are not just a number here. We help you grow your skills and income.

Computer Equipment
Career Development
Regular Feedback
Company Events