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About Mactus

Our story isn’t so much about us – it’s about you. We could tell you that we started back in 2007 and we’re built around a process and vision to find challenging projects and provide stellar solutions. But what drives us, what gets our hearts beating faster and puts a glimmer in our eye, is you. Mactus is a Latin phrase that has a number of meanings that are vitally important to Mactus Group. Several of those meanings that are central to our purpose are: “Be increased in your merit!” “Go on in your excellence!” “Well done!”

We have refined that phrase to: “We help our Stars shine brighter!” Whether you are a Star Client or a Star Team Member, we look forward to helping your star shine brighter!


Holiday Party = FUN

Lots of fun to be had at this year's holiday party!!

Who’s Thirsty

Join the Mactus team as we relax after a week of delivering some fantastic solutions for our clients!


The Boss

The one who really runs the show ;)